Resume _EOY 2014

Jonathan Jackson
Durham, North Carolina, 27703

I am an experienced Software Engineer with strong analytical and problem-solving skills rooted in my pure mathematical study, and experience with leading-edge concepts from both filing novel patent disclosures and writing software that implements concepts derived from recent EMC research.

As a Software Engineer in STG I am develop new solutions, enhance, test, debug, and manage a variety of product compliance applications used by approximately 2000 users across the world. Several of these web-applications are written in PHP and DB2 and stored in a cvs repository. I currently design and program in Java several other client applications using Eclipse, the Hibernate API, and git. I develop and coordinate the development of necessary features, working with contractors in two different geographies, for this Java client application. Many of the applications run on the test, integration, and production environments that I am responsible for. I administer the hardware, OS, IBM middleware, and ensure the security compliance of these environments.

In addition, I am active in the patent process with 23 submissions, 3 files, and 4 publishes with 4 still in the search phase, and 5 yet to be evaluated. Stemming from my pure mathematical background, I have excellent analytical problem solving skills. Further, developing Java applications to test circuit boards for problematic EMC conditions specified in leading-edge research has further strengthened my skills implementing complicated programs in areas that require me to assimilate new knowledge where little to no assistance to be had on the public internet.

Patent Activity Two pending patent applications, several more in development
Automated ERP Upgrade process in Customized Client Environment
Anonymous Crowd Sourced Software Tuning
Four Defensive Publications

Software Engineer (2 years 9 months) March 2012-Present International Business Machines (IBM)
Job Responsibilities:
Design, architect, and support compliance and business process applications used by a variety of business units across the organization. Lead a geographically diverse team in developing multi-circuit board design compliance checking java application. Administrate application and database hardware, OS, middleware, and security compliance of machines that run the test and production environments (~2k users). Create, brainstorm, write patent claims, differentiate from prior art, and assist lawyers in the filing of novel IP to protect business advantages. Architect and adapt software applications to meet client needs primarily in Java DB2 and PHP. Orchestrate the software license ordering and software maintenance needs of all employees in 4 first-line managers' departments.
Computer Repair Technician(9 months) June 2011-March 2012: UNC ITS Computer Repair Center
Job Responsibilities:
Repair between 30-60 computers per week. Responsible for both IBM ThinkPads and Apple MacBookPros. As the most experienced Mac Technician on staff, I advise colleagues who are new to working with Macs and I have been asked to help establish service procedures.

Volunteer (570+ hours) at May 2011-Present
As a Kramden Volunteer I refurbish computers and direct less skilled volunteers through the refurbishing process. Kramden is a non profit organization that donates computers and provides free technical support to academically strong but underprivileged students throughout North Carolina. (

Macintosh Technician (20-40 hrs/week) October 2008- June 2011; UNC Ram Shop
Job responsibilities:
Repair between 5 and 25 computers per week. Around 1,100 repairs came through the store during my tenure as one of two Macintosh technicians on staff. I also trained and supervised a junior technician and coached him toward becoming certified and proficient in repairing Macs.
Apple Certified Mac Technician(Tech ID: USAZUK09 Certified June 2009, Recertified June 2010, 2011)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BS Mathematics May 2011; Minor Computer Science May 2011

Coursework includes:
Multi-Variable Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Number Theory, Modern Algebra, Linear Algebra, Combinatorial Mathematics, Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Mathematics.
Computer Science:
Eight courses in the CS department with an emphasis on hands-on software development experience including; Six semesters of Java Programming, Computer Organization, Advanced Web Programming, Software Engineering Lab, Serious Games, and Robotics.
Selected Programs Developed
Programmed an accessible browser-based RPG using HTML5 and JavaScript to allow the game to be played by both the visually impaired and two button switch users. Game was developed for a client with significant handicap accessible development experience and showcased at UNC’s annual Maze Day. Developed a java-based tower defense game (as part of a small team) designed to teach 10-15 year-olds the merits of conservation and recycling.

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